8 Signs Which Show That Your Vagina Is Unhealthy! Here Are 11 Things That You Can Do Regarding It!

A healthy vagina is something every woman should care about. The healthy vagina is acidic and has high amounts of useful bacteria to keep balanced pH values and help in the fight against bacteria.

A small amount of discharge is also a sign of a healthy vagina. Disruption of the normal conditions could lead to infections and diseases.

Warning and symptoms of an unhealthy vagina:

  • – Itching and burning in the vagina and vulva
  • – Plenty of discharge
  • – Inflamed and painful mucous membrane
  • – Appearance of lesions
  • – Bad smell
  • – Bleeding, especially after sex
  • – Dry vagina

You can keep the vagina healthy if you follow these tips:

Maintain the pH balance without douching

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