Dear NwaVic: My Long-Distance Girlfriend Visits Her Male Friend at His House till Nighttime

Dear NwaVic,

Nice work you got going here. Keep it up. I have a serious issue on my mind about a lady I am dating. I’m currently on the 6th month of NYSC in Taraba state. Because of the distance and insurgency in the area, I have not traveled to see her but we talk everyday on the phone. She is cool and possesses qualities every man desires. I love this lady and she says the same about me. I know in times like this, trust & communication matters a lot that’s why she tells me whatever she is doing. Whenever she travels to Lagos, there this male friend she visits. I don’t know if am being overprotective but I don’t feel comfortable with her going to see a guy at his place and staying there till 7 pm.

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