Interesting Reasons Why Early Morning Fun is Good for Your Health

Here are some benefits of morning s*xmorning s3x

1. Morning S*x Saves You From Migraines And Headaches
As funky as this may sound, s3xual reproductive experts have revealed that 50 to 90 percent of married workers who suffer headaches and migraines at work do so mainly not because of the stress of work but rather due to the boring and stale nature of their s*x lives during the mornings.Morning s3x is the best form of releasing such stress as you get to release the best antigens needed to fight a possible strain of stress and headaches.
2. Improves Relaxation
Morning s*x releases dopamine and serotonim, the very best brain receptors which increases the levels of happiness. Starting your day with a dose of good vibes gives you positive feelings to tackle whatever fresh hell the next 12 hours might bring.

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