Women: Types And Shapes Of P3nises And How They Can Satisfy You

If you’re a lady who has been laid more times, then you might have come across a lot of different types and shapes of penises and each one has a unique way of satisfying you. If you master this, then you will know the kind of position to go for during sex, to get maximum satisfaction.

You must know that not all penises comes in straight, in fact I can say no penis is really straight, they all come in different shapes and types and no matter how straight you might think a penis is, a critical look will show you it’s slightly crooked.

This list will provide you with the types and shapes of penises and how to handle them to get that maximum satisfaction that you need and just in case you lying by one as you’re reading this, this is an opportunity to learn how to handle it. But! note that it is not guaranteed. Not all can really satisfy you though. So here is your menu, make an order…

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